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Dashboard for ThingSpeak data

Updated: 2019-January-10 The weather station gets outside weather data as well as temperature and humidity data from the first-floor thermostat.  Every ten minutes, it logs that data to a channel on ThingSpeak.  The Arduino-based temperature and humidity sensor in the Read more…

A Weather Station (Version 1)

Last Updated: 2019-February-26 I was inspired by this online project, by Jim Kemp: https://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Internet-Weather-Station/ Although I began with Mr. Kemp’s source code, by the time I was finished, very little of the original implementation remained. Here is the link to Read more…

Overview of the System

Updated: 2019-February-18 This post will be updated as the system grows.  Since it is easier to update the diagram than describe the full details of each part, you may find that there are things shown on the diagram that I Read more…