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Category: Arduino

SMS (text message) Notification of Too Cold in my Home

Updated: 2019-January-10 My weather display, based on a Raspberry Pi Zero-W, sends temperature data to a ThingSpeak (thingspeak.com) channel.  A device in the basement, based on an Arduino UNO, sends temperature data to a different ThingSpeak channel. I have an Read more…

Dashboard for ThingSpeak data

Updated: 2019-January-10 The weather station gets outside weather data as well as temperature and humidity data from the first-floor thermostat.  Every ten minutes, it logs that data to a channel on ThingSpeak.  The Arduino-based temperature and humidity sensor in the Read more…

Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Last Updated: 2019-February-18 This project was inspired by the following instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/Wireless-Temperature-and-Humidity-Monitor-With-ESP/ As with most projects, I can’t leave them unmodified.  Hardware modifications were minimal: I added the red and green led’s so that I could see the status When soldering Read more…