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Dashboard for ThingSpeak data

Updated: 2019-January-10

The weather station gets outside weather data as well as temperature and humidity data from the first-floor thermostat.  Every ten minutes, it logs that data to a channel on ThingSpeak.  The Arduino-based temperature and humidity sensor in the basement does the same thing for the data that it captures.  Note: these two devices are not synchronized in any way.  They know nothing about each other.

Going onto my ThingSpeak account to see a line graph of the temperature on a specific floor is interesting.  However, I wanted to be able to see the latest snapshot of all the data that I have collected.  Time to start putting together a dashboard.  I used Google Gauges to create a more graphically oriented dashboard.

Here is a snapshot of what the dashboard looks like:

I’ll skip the actual code as most of it is customizing the look of the gauges.  I use getJSON calls to get each of the data values from my ThingSpeak channels.

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