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Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Last Updated: 2019-February-18

This project was inspired by the following instructable:


As with most projects, I can’t leave them unmodified.  Hardware modifications were minimal:

  • I added the red and green led’s so that I could see the status
  • When soldering the circuit together, I used a socket for the wireless transceiver
  • I used a DHT22 rather than the DHT11 (it is not much more expensive and is more accurate)

There were also only minimal changes to the Arduino code:

  • Changed the wait time between data updates to 10 minutes to match the frequency of updates of the thermostat data (see: http://homeautomation.geiserweb.com/index.php/2018/08/16/a-weather-station-version-1/)
  • Changed the status indications (blinked red and green led’s a different number of times) so I could tell the difference between serial failure and WiFi connection failure
  • Blinked the green LED every time the data was updated

Here is the link to my updated code: https://github.com/Concours99/Temp-Humidity-Logger

Here is what the final device looks like:

Temperature and Humidity Sensor


I had to bend the DHT22 up off the board.  Flat to the board looks neater but was affecting the detected temperature.

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